aerial view of The Comedy Barn and Pigeon Forge Parkway

A Look Back in Time: The History of Our Pigeon Forge Theater

Our Pigeon Forge theater is the most attended and most successful clean comedy show! You won’t find anything quite like our show anywhere else. Since 1995, we’ve been welcoming guests of all ages to experience the laughter and memories our comedy show has to offer. Year after year, we continue to grow and provide a special experience for families and friends. To help you learn more about The Comedy Barn and how we’ve evolved over the years, we’re giving you a look back in time at the history of our Pigeon Forge theater:

How It Started

Before The Comedy Barn was created, Pigeon Forge was home to Archie Campbell’s Hee Haw Theater. When this theater closed down, it opened up an opportunity for the creators of The Comedy Barn to live out their dreams and start their own show. Hee Haw Theater was a unique building in the shape of a barn, which is actually how The Comedy Barn Theater got its name! The first show was held in this building in the spring of 1995, and it quickly saw success. For the first year, the show gained more popularity, and in 1996, construction began on a brand new state-of-the-art theater — the theater you know and love today!

Fun Fact: The original theater was where the back parking lot is today!

How It Evolved Over Time

singer at the Comedy Barn

The original Comedy Barn show featured a lot of the same hilarious fun and excitement that you see in our show today, including singing and dancing, but we’ve continued to grow and evolve over the years to make every performance at our theater special. One thing that we’ve always made sure our show included was clean comedy that everyone can enjoy. It was important to us to create a show that made all ages feel welcome and use humor that all family members can understand! As we’ve continued to grow and add more impressive tricks and hilarious antics to our show, one of our favorite parts is seeing some of the same guests in our audience year after year. People travel from all across the country to experience the magic of our clean comedy show, and we’ve been able to welcome generations of visitors to our Pigeon Forge theater. Parents visit with their children, then return years down the line with their grandkids! They love knowing that no two shows at The Comedy Barn are exactly the same, and they’re guaranteed endless laughter during every performance.

Fun Fact: Some of the performers in our show have been performing with us for over 25 years!

The Comedy Barn Today

Our Pigeon Forge theater has had some upgrades throughout the years, including a fresh coat of paint in the summer of 2022, but the magic you’ll feel as soon as you step inside remains the same. Both new and returning visitors can expect a hilarious clean comedy show with jugglers, ventriloquists, adorable animals, and live country and gospel music. We also love getting the audience members involved! When you visit our show, you just might get pulled on stage to join in on some special acts — this gives our comedians a chance to show off their improvisation skills and guarantees that no two shows are the same. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience everything our Pigeon Forge show has to offer!

Fun Fact: If you love our Pigeon Forge theater, you can head down the road to one of our sister shows for more family-friendly entertainment!

Visit Our Pigeon Forge Theater

Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge

Our Pigeon Forge theater is a place where families return year after year for an evening of non-stop laughter and entertainment, and we look forward to providing this same experience for many years to come! Are you ready to visit The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge? Get your Comedy Barn tickets today!