Dog tapping sign that says Apaws Please

Why Everyone Loves the Animals at The Comedy Barn Theater

In addition to our talented comedians and human performers, we have adorable animals who come on stage to entertain the audience! Our animals have quickly become one of guests’ favorite parts of the show. Each show features one special animal act, from dogs, to birds, to house cats! Here’s why everyone loves the animals at The Comedy Barn Theater:

1. Talented Tricks

One of the best parts about the animals at our Pigeon Forge show is the talented tricks they can do! We have birds who fly through hoops in the crowd, put a ball through a basket, roll themselves across a wooden plank, and more. We also have dogs who jump over hurdles, ride scooters, and perform other fun tricks. Our trained house cats always take the audience by surprise as they perform tricky balancing acts featuring poles, balls, and more! You have to see it with your own eyes to believe it!

2. Unpredictable

house cats performing trick on stage

Another reason why guests love our animals at The Comedy Barn Theater is because they add an unpredictable element to the show. You never know exactly how the animal acts are going to go. You also never know which talented act you’ll get to see when you visit. One thing is for sure, though. No matter which of our animal performers are in your show, you’ll be amazed!

3. Contributes to the Variety of the Show

Having animal performers contributes to the variety of the show. The Comedy Barn is so much more than your typical comedy show. Instead of comedians standing on stage telling jokes for two hours, we like to incorporate a variety of acts to keep the audience engaged and entertained the whole evening long. In addition to our animal performers, you’ll get to see a juggler, a ventriloquist, singers, musicians, and dancers when you visit our show!

4. Great for Kids

bird at Comedy Barn

If you’re hoping to visit a show that your kids will love, look no further than our Pigeon Forge show. In addition to our clean comedy for all ages, kids fall in love with the animals on stage. They’ll love watching the animals attempt awesome stunts and tricks, and they’ll be even more impressed when they pull them off! Be careful, though — they may be so excited that they try to teach your pets back home the same tricks! We also have a comedian who shows off special toys for kids, like a snake with a spring that can jump out of any container. Other aspects of the show kids love are the ventriloquist with Bonzo the Monkey and our talented juggler!

More About The Comedy Barn Theater

Our adorable animals at The Comedy Barn Theater are just one part of our Pigeon Forge show that guests love. When you visit, you can expect more than 90 minutes of laughs! Comedians, jugglers, ventriloquists, animals, singers, and dancers all take the stage with one goal in mind: to keep a smile on everyone’s face and provide a night of a thousand laughs. Are you ready to experience the hilarity of our show? Get your Comedy Barn tickets today!