dancers at The Comedy Barn

Things That Make Our Pigeon Forge Theater a Can’t-Miss Attraction

If you can only visit one attraction while you’re in Pigeon Forge, make it The Comedy Barn Theater! Our award-winning show is a unique experience you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re visiting with your family or a group of friends, our show is great for all occasions! If you need more convincing, take a look at the top things that make our Pigeon Forge theater a can’t-miss attraction:

Our Unique Atmosphere

aerial view of The Comedy Barn and Pigeon Forge Parkway

Our red and yellow building isn’t hard to spot along the Pigeon Forge Parkway! As soon as you arrive at The Comedy Barn, you’ll fall in love with the atmosphere. Our theater is designed to resemble a barn, fitting perfectly with the theme of our show. You won’t see another building like it anywhere else in Pigeon Forge! When you get inside, you can stop by the concessions stand for some tasty snacks to enjoy during the performance, or browse the gift shop for the perfect souvenir to take back home with you.

Our Clean Comedy

It’s not every day that you can go to a show that will have every member of the family laughing out loud! When we created The Comedy Barn Theater, we wanted to ensure we put on a show that was not only appropriate, but also entertaining for all ages. The concept of “clean comedy” was new to the area at the time, but now we’ve become the most successful and most attended clean comedy theater in the world! Whether you’re in town with your sweetheart, your family, or a large group, everyone will enjoy our show.

Our Daring Juggler

Juggler at The Comedy Barn

Another reason our Pigeon Forge theater is a can’t-miss attraction is because of our talented performers. We’re so much more than a typical comedy show — we’re a variety show packed full of talent. One of our incredible performers is our juggler. Watch as he juggles items others wouldn’t dare try, like bear traps and sickles! You’ll be on the edge of your seats as you watch him showcase his skills and laugh along to his antics.

Our Talented Musicians & Dancers

If you love listening to live music, then you’ll definitely want to visit The Comedy Barn in Pigeon Forge! Our show features country and gospel music performed live by our talented cast. We also have dancers who will have the audience tapping their feet along while they showcase their clogging skills. The musical performances combined with our comedy is something you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Adorable Animals

house cats performing trick on stage

All of our performers specialize in making you laugh, even our non-human performers! We have adorable animals who take the stage to perform various tricks. You’ll have the chance to see housecats perform various balancing acts, dogs jump over hurdles, or birds put balls through hoops. You never know which animal act you’ll get to see when you visit, but one thing’s for sure — you’ll be amazed by any of them!

Our Hilarious Ventriloquist

We can’t forget about our hilarious ventriloquist, who’s responsible for introducing the audience to one of their favorite parts of the show: Bonzo the Monkey! Our ventriloquist is another unique act that you won’t find anywhere else in the area, which means you won’t want to miss the chance to see it. Bonzo is just one of the puppets you’ll get to meet while our ventriloquist is on stage!

You definitely don’t want to miss the excitement that our Pigeon Forge theater has to offer. We set ourselves apart from the rest with our clean comedy and talented acts you won’t see anywhere else in town. Ready to experience a one-of-a-kind show? Get your tickets to The Comedy Barn Theater today.